“Every coach has the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child’s life. I wanted my daughter to take skateboarding lessons that developed her as a person, not just a skater. Before Neal she didn’t accept that falling is part of the skateboarding process. She associated falling with failure and feared getting hurt or worse laughed at by other skaters. Slowly but surely he has developed her life skills: she can set goals, work towards them, and continue to work even if at first she does not succeed. Her confidence has grown so that she believes in herself; therefore, she can go to different parks and more importantly skate by herself for the sheer joy of skating. Neal is also wonderful about introducing skaters to each other. He literally knows everyone! She’s still shy, but she is much better at facing new situations and people. The difference Neal has made in her life is positive and noticeable – ask anyone who knew her before. I totally recommend Neal for skateboard lessons and camps.”

– Carlin Beal, Student


“I think I was 6 years old when I met Neal. He was such a good skater and he was so nice to me. Every time I wanted to learn a new trick he would help me. I used to push mongo – I don’t really like to admit that but I pushed mongo in my beginning days and Neal gave me so much flack for it for so long that I had to switch it. So I switched that. He taught me kickflips. It’s great to see Neal on track and doing everything awesome for the kids. This is exactly what he was doing when I was six years old so it’s just great to see him still in the skate life and still helping kids. So Neal’s the man, dude. I’ll do anything for him. I’ve got his back, and that’s how it’ll be forever.”

– Ryan Sheckler, Pro


“Our son Masato has been skating and taking lessons with Neal since the spring of 2010 and took part in Neal’s first camp that summer, it is amazing to us how much he has been able to learn and I know there is a lot more to come. When we started our son didn’t even know how to push; now he’s dropping into big bowls (and scaring his mom), executing advanced level ramp tricks (and scaring his mom), and just executed his first kick flip (during skate camp no less) and it all comes from the confidence he gets from working with Neal. He has truly developed as a skater and a young man through both his lessons and during Neal’s various skate camps (which just keep getting better). He has met some incredible skaters (both professional and amateur) and been to some awesome skate spots (both private and public) that I know never would have happened without Neal.

Neal has taught him a good deal more than just how to skate though; he has instilled a certain sense of respect, both for himself and toward others, in skating and in life. He is truly a positive role model in a sport that can quite easily lead young people down the wrong path.

We strongly recommend Neal to any parents that are looking for a way to help their skaters grow both athletically and emotionally. It would be very difficult to find another instructor and mentor that truly cares as much for his students and who is willing to make the sacrifices Neal does. Whether it is taking some knocks to the shins while holding their hands to execute flip tricks, or making the occasional special arrangements for lessons to meet busy parent schedules, he is committed 100% to the kids.”

– Marcus & Terumi Thompson, Parents


“Our son, Jack, has had an amazing experience over the past year learning to skateboard from Neal Mims. Jack is 11 years old and had never been on a skateboard before he began his lessons. Neal has been instrumental in teaching Jack the proper technique while helping to further develop Jack’s passion for the sport. Not only is Neal a talented coach, he is a devoted mentor and friend. In the past year we have watched as Jack has grown not only in his skateboarding skills but more importantly his confidence both at the park and in school. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity our son has to work with a such a caring professional as Neal Mims.”

– Patty & Michael Tobin, Parents


“My two sons Justin and Kyle started skating with Neal three years ago. They both had already been skating for years and were competent skaters, however they were looking for someone to coach them and help them overcome the plateau phase they felt they had reached. Neal was their answer. He helped them to refine and polish their skating skills as well as reminded them to stay positive and keep skating fun. He has changed my kids life for the better and I couldn’t imagine a more incredible mentor and friend for them.”

– Tracy Filler, Parent

“Stew and I are so impressed by your skate camp this week! It is so much more than a ‘camp’ – the boys are going to remember these experiences for a lifetime. You’ve enlightened them on all of the different types of parks, both public and private, So Cal has to offer. Hitting 3-4 parks and private facilities a day stretching from Chula Vista to L.A. is beyond amazing, not to mention a lot of mileage. Great idea to have a skate video for them to watch, too. This camp is something they will never forget. Luke was so eager to get up and go each day and looked forward to every minute. The boys really loved meeting other skaters and seeing so much. “Stokens” is a hit, too! Awarding the boys with these tickets for accomplishing different challenges at the parks was a fun way to reward their efforts. The boys loved the drawing for prizes, and pizza at the end of the week was appreciated. To top it off, your skate bag full of terrific swag was so generous at the end of the week and was such a bonus for the boys. The pictures and certificates in the frames are first class as well! You are a great mentor for these boys and you have found a well-needed niche to show these boys about skating and character – you are really good at it and we truly appreciate it! The boys clearly admire and respect you. Your week camp was worth every dime! Thanks for making it so special for Luke and his friends.”
– Julia & Stew Duncan, Parents
“As a professional skater, Neal Mims’ resume speaks for itself. As a teacher, he is passionate about his sport, committed, consistent, honest, fun, and genuinely values his relationships with his students. As a former professional athlete…I’ve been “coached” for over 30 years. In my opinion, Neal Mims represents all that is good in coaching today. As a parent…I couldn’t be happier with what my son takes away from a lesson with Neal.”
– Brad Daluiso, Parent
“Neal Mims has been a great coach to both of my children (Cole and Ava Cavanaugh). They have both learned to become better skaters along with becoming better people. He not only teaches skate skills yet also life long lessons. He instills confidence, pride, manners and how to win and lose gracefully. Both of the kids have attended his camps and love the venue he puts together. I would recommend his camp and individual lessons to everyone. Your children will learn sooo much from him. He has a gift!”
– Marci Cavanaugh, Parent

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