DSC_8903 Miles Prescott, Ride n’ Grind!

DSC_8912 Jack Tobin, Rock to Fakie

DSC_8915 Max Bregman, Backside Indy Grab

DSC_8921 Jack Tobin and Ben Davis talkin’ dream sponsors and favorite skaters.

DSC_8928 Kimball Skatepark was FUN!

DSC_8940Miles Prescott, Air-out to Nose Grab

DSC_8948Zyler Tracey, Varial Flip up the Euro Gap.

DSC_8949 Andrew Agulair, Hardflip!

DSC_8950 The Line-up at Imperial Beach Skatepark.

DSC_8951 Keep on Pushin’. (from left: Zane Fraser, Nate Viands, Jack Tobin, Caden Wilson)

DSC_8958  Max Bregman, Sweeper on the Extension!

DSC_8961 Terrin Ing, Backside 180 out of the bowl.

DSC_8962 Future legends. (from left: Jack Tobin, Caden Wilson, Parker Agulair)

DSC_8971 Chicano Park Skatepark!

DSC_8977 Avery Ing, Backside Stall on one the recently built additions to the park.

DSC_8980Stayin’ cool in the shade. (from left: Ben Davis, Curren Murphy, Zyler Tracey, Andrew Agulair)


DSC_9012Neal had to get in on the action with this Backside Noseblunt stall.

DSC_9015 Terrin Ing, Frontside Boardslide.

DSC_9048 Nice ollie, Ben!  Keep up the good work!

DSC_9055Max Bregman, Backside Indy Grab.

DSC_9062Mike Wilson couldn’t resist either, with a bump to bump Frontside Tailslide.

DSC_9064Terrin Ing, Ollie over the Cone at Robb Field Skatepark.

DSC_9067 Andrew Agulair, Backside Flip!

DSC_9079 Nate Viands with a casual Crooked Stall.

DSC_9085 Zane Fraser, Boardslide

DSC_9088 Back at Poods Park!

DSC_9100 Thursday was a blast!

DSC_9124Friday morning, Alga Skatepark. Carlsbad, Ca.

DSC_9140 Andrew Agulair, Smith grind on the C-Ledge at Academy Skatepark, Vista.

DSC_9141 Nate Viands, Ollie.

DSC_9145 Max Bregman, Having fun on the launch ramp!

DSC_9148Nate Viands, Backside 180

DSC_9152 Max Bregman, Ollie North!

DSC_9161Miles Prescott, Frontside 180.

DSC_9162 Terrin Ing, Backside 180.

DSC_9179 Thanks Academy Skatepark!

DSC_9180Poods Park to end the week.

DSC_9184 Nate Viands, Frontside 180.

DSC_9187Miles Prescott, 4-stair Ollie.

DSC_9190Nate Viands easily going for the 6-stair.  No fear!

All Photos by Tyler Stewart.
IG: @ty_lor

Copyright: 2018